Online Bingo

Players can smoke, eat and drink whatever they like from the comfort of their own home and they can play online bingo 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Huge jackpot prizes are now available to won for bingo players online, plus free bingo bonuses upon listing and bonuses on all deposits that are made and these are accessible for players by most of the best UK bingo sites.

You are even able to chat and play bingo at the same time when playing online, as chatting is done in text format and it does not pressure the game in anyway, unlike the land based version of the game. No wandering costs are incurred either.

Land Based Bingo

Most bingo winnings are paid out in cash so players get their prize money directly where as when you play online bingo you regularly have to wait 3 - 5 days before bingo winnings are refunded back to player’s accounts.

Live communication with friends is another factor as going out to your local bingo hall can be a great night out.

Land based bingo halls can be a life line for some people particularly our older generation.

Huge life altering amounts of cash can be won with the national bingo game and the all new platinum jackpot that is now friendly to all national bingo games that are played twice daily.

Top Bingo Sites to play

GetMinted Bingo

Summary: Gets you off to a winning start by giving you 1,000 points just for opening an account. Because points can be converted to cash, this initial 1,000 points is enough to buy as many as ten bingo tickets.

More than enough for you to decide how much you like the best gambling site. A great site which puts chat, friendliness and the game itself at its heart. If you are looking for an online game that reminds you of an intimate and cozy local club, you won’t be disappointed with Get minted Bingo.

Bingo Liner

Summary: The concept behind the Bingo Liner online bingo site is simple, and can be summarized in just five words: bingo on a cruise ship. It’s an appealing image, and one that Bingo Liner brings to life in good style.


Summary: Chat here is friendly and lively, and because this site hosts regular bingo tournaments, players tend to be loyal to it. This is good for making regular friends, and chatting to the same familiar group when you play is a nice experience.




Foxy Bingo

Summary : From the moment you open the home page, it is clear that Foxy Bingo is much more than an online bingo site. It’s an online bingo site and an online magazine all rolled into one! We tried hard to find something negative to say about this site (reviewing does need to be objective, you know!) but despite our efforts we found nothing to complain about.

Foxy Bingo is bright, cheerful and thoroughly entertaining from beginning to end, and we’ll be keeping it on our favorites list for a long time to come!

Virgin Bingo

Summary : It takes literally just a minute to open an account here, and because Virgin very kindly deposit a smidgen of cash in your new account (£1 at the time of writing) you can try the site for real without spending any of your own money.

His is a great feature, and indicates just how confident the gamble casino site is that you will want to continue playing once you’ve got a taste of how the Virgin experience plays out.

And in this instance, such confidence is not misplaced.

Bingo Lottery

Summary : This is a great site which offers a fabulous online game of bingo which is chat-rich and therefore captures a high level of the atmosphere offered by the traditional game.

Some bingo sites seem to invest far too much effort in creating dazzling front ends and not nearly as much on the gaming experience itself.

In this respect, Lottery Bingo is a welcome breath of fresh air. A first time online player would be able to find their way around without a problem. Highly recommended!

Wink Bingo

Summary: Wink Bingo delivers a solid bingo game which is made even better by a strong sense of community, excellent presentation and a friendly bunch of players.

Mecca Bingo

Summary : A big name in real bingo. Regular promotions (such as cash back, happy hours and random bonus events) take place throughout the month, and if you become a regular at these site and make a few friends then Mecca bingo could well become a favorite.

The best way to know a site is to read bingo reviews and most of them will have very potsitive things to say about Mecca. There are also other games apart from bingo that you can play here, including slot machines and casino games such as roulette.




Being in a Bingo Hall is fun for the person that likes to be around others, to get out of the house and be around others all clamoring for the same thing.

Mostly people that love the game, that play regularly, go to the Bingo halls. Hardly ever is it a place where people show up for one game here and there and don't play the game seriously.

However, you can accomplish camaraderie with other Bingo lovers online as well. Many of the Bingo games offer online chat rooms where you can go and share and be part of a group.

While it's a bit unidentified, you are part of a group and some really favor the privacy this world has to offer.

Online Bingo has a lot to present serious gamers too, especially at new bingo sites like Oh My Bingo and the likes. They present a range of Bingo games as well as other kind of games to pass the time--such as slots--until another Bingo game that you want to join commences.

They also offer bonus and promotions, many of which you could not find at a Bingo hall.

While much of these "extras" are offered because the sites want your money, these little "extras" are like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for the person who loves to play games.

Traditional Bingo halls may not offer bonuses, promotions and more games. You may not be quite as unidentified by showing up at Bingo halls frequently.

But it is a traditional place to go and win money the old shaped way. And though you may not win as much money because the prizes are smaller and the games aren't as abundant, you also don't lose (or spend) as much trying to win.